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INTRODUCING CONATUS SURF CLUB RETREATS AT RANCHO DIANDREW. Conatus Surf Club is a private surf coaching company based out of New York. It is owned and run by Dion Mattison (my older brother), an expert surfer and doctor of philosophy. Conatus applies a holistic and philosophical approach to wave riding, which is far beyond your average “get pushed into a wave” lesson. In fact there is no pushing. With Conatus you learn to judge waves and paddle through and into them on your own. You learn about different board shapes and surfing history in addition to proper paddling and trimming techniques. Conatus is the academic surfing institution that will equip you to become a stylish and ethical lifelong surfer. For more on the approach and philosophy please head over to their site:

CSC is teaming up with Rancho Diandrew to offer high quality surf retreats. These retreats are aimed to boost your surfing skills in a relatively short amount of time by logging multiple hours in the water per day with expert coaching in and out of the water, including video analysis of your sessions. Rancho Diandrew is situated in direct proximity to a variety of great surf spots for surfers of all ability levels. We will adapt a flexible approach to each day’s surfing destinations, picking the spots that work best for reasons to do with tide, swell, weather conditions, crowds, and ability levels of campers.

Drew Surfing Costa Rica
Drew Surfing Costa Rica


You will fly into San Jose Int’l Airport the day your camp starts. Please book to arrive in the morning, as you will need to either take smaller plane to Quepos Airport or a shuttle to Uvita. For your trip to San Jose you are welcome to book on any airline. You are welcomed and encouraged to bring your own boards. When you arrive in San Jose you’ll ask some of the bell hops in the lobby to help you get to Sansa or Nature Air for your flight to Quepos. They will help guide you there and will take your luggage for you. It is recommend you tip $5-$10 for this service. American dollars are fine. You may want to get a few colones (Costa Rican money) at the airport but don’t get too much, as the exchange rates are better at the banks near us. We then pick you up either at the Quepos Airport or in Uvita and escort you camp. You must pay and book your own airfare, but after you arrive in Quepos, the rest of the transportation is on us.

We’ll head straight to the rancho, have orientation, eat dinner, and situate everyone in their lodgings. Then we’ll go to sleep and start dreaming of barrels and bottom turns. You’ll wake up to the smell of fresh Costa Rican coffee and the sound of howler monkeys in the surrounding jungle. There will be fruit and toast at your disposal and high speed internet for checking the buoys and surf forecasts. After “making the call” we’ll head out for our first dawn patrol.

Fresh local food will be prepared for you every day. All meals at camp are included, with the exception of alcohol and meals while in town.

We provide extra boards and leashes for those who do not want to travel with boards. We’ll have a number of different shapes for you to try out. We will be using all hard (polyurethane) surfboards. We will also have other wave riding craft options: boogie boards, alaias, swim fins, and surf mats. A proficient surfer should get to know the waves from a variety of speeds and angles and plus it’s just plain fun to see the wave in new ways. As stated previously, you’re more than welcome to bring your own boards, but do know that if you want to avoid the travel expense then we have you covered.

You will leave the day after your camp has ended, again flying out of Quepos. PLEASE BOOK MORNING TRAVEL.


$350/day per person

You are able to book any number of consecutive days that work with our schedule.

Due in full to secure spot.

To book and for questions email or